Latham students prepare luminaries for Brewster for the Holidays annual event


Community members who participated in the Brewster for the Holidays events at Drummer Boy Park on Friday likely saw some of the luminary bags filled by our students last week during vocational class. Luminaries glow throughout Drummer Boy Park at the annual bayside tree and windmill lighting event organized by the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, and our students were happy to be involved again this year. Under the direction of Vocational Teacher Melissa Bertrand, Latham students were tasked with opening 100 white bags and putting two inches of sand in each bag. The students traveled with Director of Education Brittni Taylor to the Brewster Chamber to drop off the bags so staff and volunteers could then add a battery-powered light to each bag – the final touch before the beautiful Drummer Boy Park luminary display on December 1st.

Thank you to our Brewster Chamber for the opportunity for our students to help prepare for one of the special Brewster for the Holidays events.

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