Latham Students’ Learn Leadership

The Latham Student Council meets monthly to discuss and implement positive changes on the Latham campus and in the community. Elected in September and meeting monthly, members have initiated many projects. One project is keeping the grounds on campus beautiful. As one member noted, “We want to be proud of our campus when visitors come.” Because of student initiative, each classroom now has a garden area on campus to keep weeded and trimmed.
Students have also had ideas on how to increase activities in Physical Education, how to help the breakfast and lunch times run more smoothly, and how to increase school spirit through Spirit Days. The spring term will be a busy time for the Student Council as members work on community projects such as organizing a can drive for the local Food Pantry and earning money through chores to donate to appropriate causes. Students are also thinking of ways to motivate students who have difficulty staying in class and working hard all day every day.
This group of young people is making a huge difference!



**Latham students continue to participate in the Student Council, and current initiatives include community volunteerism, school spirit, and listening to the students’ needs on campus.

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