Latham Student Art Show highlights acrylic works of art

Latham Centers is proud to announce our January 2023 Student Art Show at the Brewster Ladies’ Library. We invite you to view the exhibit during open hours throughout the month of January. Kevin Cole, Job Coach (and recent Staff of the Month award recipient), took much time and consideration when cultivating the show with our students. Thank you, Kevin, for your thoughtful answers to these interview questions:

1. What was the students’ favorite art project and why?

Acrylic Pouring, which is a majority of the painting displayed at the Brewster Ladies Library

2. Do you have a favorite art piece or project that they did, and why?

My favorite pieces were the ones that reused any spilled paint. After making their first painting, I had the students take a cup and scoop out any paint they spilled and used that to pour their next painting.

3. Was there a particular student who excelled this year for these arts, if so, what new skills did they learn?

With this style of painting, it is hard to say anyone excelled more than another, but I can say that the students who tried to make an       image struggled the most. Students who simply had fun with the project, and poured random paints are the ones that came out the best.

4. As a favorite staff who recently won the Staff of the Month – what do you enjoy most about working with the kids and your colleagues?

Working at Latham is an experience you cannot have anywhere else. This job is what you make it; if you want to make fun plans for       the kids, it is a great incentive for them.

5. What would you like the community to know about Latham Centers and our student population?

If they do not know what PWS is, I encourage them to look it up because not enough people are aware of the struggle our kids face. Also, that we are hiring, for anyone who may be looking for a job, or simply want to make a difference.

We’re so grateful to the Brewster Ladies’ Library for their social media post: “Have you seen the beautiful painting exhibit in our auditorium by the students at Latham Centers? Stop by during the month of January to enjoy their exhibit!”

The Library is open Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. For more information about the Brewster Ladies’ Library, visit




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