Latham School’s exciting Election Day

Our students participated in their own school-wide election on Tuesday, experiencing the excitement of voting and learning about the democratic process. Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach, shared her thoughts about election day at Latham:

“On November 3rd, our Brewster campus was buzzing with students and staff talking about the United States election – and our Student election. Almost 80% of our students voted, with close to 75% voting for Biden/Harris. I was so impressed by the entire process, including students telling one another facts about the candidates, a virtual all-student lesson about the voting process (including the Electoral College), and considerations about why our voting process is unique to the United States. This lesson exemplified the Latham Centers culture as it engaged students in the nation-wide process while encouraging educational growth, entertainment, and student accountability.”

Thanks so much to our staff for taking these and many other happy photos on Tuesday!

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