Latham Players Year-in-Review: Celebration with students on campus

Performing Arts News: In this blog series, we recognize the Latham Players for their commitment to sharing their performances throughout the community. The Players are participants in our Adult Services program, and today we look back to June when they joined students at Latham School for their year-end celebration.

At Latham Centers’ End-of-Year Celebration on June 21st, Latham students, residents, staff, families, and special guests celebrated the theme of “Mastery” during the two-hour annual event at our Brewster campus. It poured for most of the morning, but as the Latham community came together under an enormous tent, everyone was uplifted by the moving music performance of our students together with the Latham Players. More than 200 attendees were treated to the Players accompanying students singing “You Will be Found” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. The collaborative celebration of mastery was especially notable because many of the residents in our Adult Program are graduates of Latham School.

Dinah Lane, Artistic Director of Latham Players, commented, “Every year, the Players eagerly look forward to attending and participating in the End-of-Year Celebration, both as a chance for many of them to reconnect with some of their past classmates still at the school, and as a wonderful opportunity to model the progress they feel they are making in their adult lives.” This message was underscored this year by the Players’ choice of song “I Can See Clearly Now, the Rain Has Gone.” The song speaks to growth and mastery and was particularly apt, given the rainy weather which gave way at the end of the celebration to a “bright, bright sunshiny day”!

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