Latham Players to perform in CapeCodCAN’s fall talent show, “Celebrating Ourselves”

The Latham Players will share their talents in “Celebrating Ourselves,” the fall talent show presented by CapeCodCAN Saturday, October 21st, at 6 p.m. at Thirwood Place (237 North Main St., South Yarmouth). Admission is free, and it’s an opportunity to enjoy heartwarming performances by our Latham Players and individuals of all abilities. CapeCodCAN (Cape Cod Collaborative Arts Network) is a stand-alone, self-sustaining program of the Cotuit Center for the Arts, dedicated to inclusive arts, music, and theater for people with disabilities on Cape Cod.

The Latham Players have been working with CapeCodCAN for about four years and participate regularly in their talent shows and their annual major musical production at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. Under the direction of Dinah Lane, The Latham Players includes approximately 15 performers from Latham Centers’ Adult Services program. Dinah said The Players show great enthusiasm and commitment to rehearsing and performing many genres of musical entertainment.

The Players are looking forward to Saturday night’s show. “Preparing for the “Celebrating Ourselves” talent shows is always exciting as it gives more of our Players the chance to shine individually through selecting their own material and, in many cases, performing solo numbers,” Dinah said. “We hope that there will be a great turnout on October 21st to support our talented Players!” Visit to learn more.

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