Latham Players On TV

October 3rd marked a day at Cape Cod Community Television where Artistic Director Penelope Chatterton and her crew presented the group, “The Latham Players!”. Her host was Max Manning, a new producer at the studio, and the “Players” did a grand job!

The celebration was for Eunice Kennedy Schriver who created the Special Olympics. Max read information about this event as he interviewed each “Player” about their experience and special talent. We were all looking for how the Special Olympics impacted their lives. A meaningful show with humor, dedication to Eunice and gratitude for all she has done. Each Player proudly wore their medals!

We sang our favorite songs as we also showed gratitude for the use of Community Connections in Yarmouth for our rehearsal space. Thank you again Donna Sabecky and her staff for their support for “The Latham Players”. You have been critical in our lives with all you do!

“Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.”

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