Latham Players At It Again

The Latham Players is our world renowned Adult Services Drama Club. Penelope Chatterton has directed the group for over ten years and feels privileged to be involved with such a great group. Penelope recounts, “The Latham Players developed out of dance and voice lessons at our office on route 134 years ago. I elected to be that teacher as I had the background and the spirit for the job. I noticed, by calling in an executive meeting next door to see our theater pieces, that these folks loved entertaining! (So much so, that they call themselves “hams”!) We couldn’t be stopped after that!”

The calendar for the Players is now packed year round. They perform at nursing homes, other agencies, the Cape Cod Community College and have been featured on Cambridge Public Access television. They also regularly perform at Latham Centers graduations and special events.
The Latham Players are a prime example of a program that enriches the individuals involved as well as the greater community. Most importantly, as Penelope states, “We have a nifty routine going and we continue to find fun in our innovation and humorous programs.”

The Latham Players are preparing for Max Manning’s first television show called “The Diversity Show”. They are dedicating it to Eunice Kennedy Schriver and the Players each have a wonderful slant on their participation and the meaning of the Special Olympics in their lives. Very wonderful participation and we will produce the program on Oct 3rd.

“Every survival kit should include a sense of humor.”
~Author Unknown

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