Latham Participates and Volunteers at the Annual PWS Walk-a-Thon

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Borderland State park, North Easton, MA


Several groups from the Children’s and Adults program attended the PWS Walk-a-Thon at Borderland State Park on Sunday, June 26th. We had a beautiful day to enjoy all the activities that had been planned. Face painting, silent auction, and sand art were but a few of the fun activities. Best of all was the picturesque walk through forests, pastures and crystal clear ponds. We saw groups of people on horseback enjoying the trails along with all of our PWS family.
After the walk we got together with other groups from Latham to enjoy a picnic lunch in the park. We saw a few people who have recently graduated from the Children’s program and were able to catch up with their families on what’s new in their lives. We look forward to the Walk-a-Thon every summer to share experiences and stories from the past year.
A big thank you to Jarrod and Cindy Wells, and all the other hard working people who make this a reality every year.

By Holly Hanlon
Children’s Supervisor

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