Latham “goes green” with responsible recycling of electronics and components

Latham Centers hosted its second annual all-employee Technology Recycling event earlier this month! We’re thrilled to report that collectively, we responsibly recycled 1,413 pounds of obsolete electronics in the August pickup by electronics waste and recycling service company PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC.

Electronics recycling helps to protect the environment AND reduces data risks. Electronics can contain substances that contaminate the air, soil, and water if sent to a landfill – and electronic computing devices can contain sensitive data. Latham Centers has contracted with PC Survivors of Massachusetts, LLC (R2/RIOS™ Certified) for this annual ‘green’ initiative.  PCS responsibly recycles surplus, scrap, and obsolete electronics and components, and they wipe all hard drive data in accordance with the Department of Defense (DoD 5220-M), National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST SP 800-88 Revision 1), Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA Public Law 104-191), and the National Security Agency (NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 & 02).

Lisa DiPaolo Bacewicz, CEO of Hanover-based PC Survivors of Massachusetts, urges everyone to responsibly recycle all electronics at end-of-life with an R2/RIOS™ Certified Company. “R2/RIOS™ certification is solely for electronics recyclers to demonstrate to customers that electronics equipment is being recycled with the highest standards for environmental protection, worker health and safety, data privacy, and facility security. A facility that has invested R2/RIOS™ certification has upgraded to the highest, most responsible standards in recycling,” Lisa explained. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in Latham Centers’ GREEN effort – especially our Maintenance and IT team members, as well as Sheri Peterson, Anne McManus, and Cheyenne Robles who were such a huge help at the recycling event! 

Pictured:  A few of the Latham staff members who participated in the August 13th Tech Recycling Event held at our future Campus Expansion Site in Brewster, including Ben Mundy, Cheyenne Robles, Judy Skolnick, Amy Schmalzer, Dawn Dinnan, and Anne McManus. Also pictured is Latham’s Communications Intern Brian Cohen who spent the morning interviewing Latham staff for a special digital marketing project. 

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