Latham family organizes 2nd Annual “Latham Open” Tennis Tourney

We are so grateful to the McCleery family and friends for hosting the 2nd Annual Latham Open Tennis Tournament in Harwich over the weekend. The event was sanctioned by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), and all proceeds of the tournament will support Latham Centers.

“Wimbledon was cancelled, but we were happy that the 2nd annual Latham Open was able to proceed in accordance with strict safety protocols,” said 16-year-old Rufus McCleery, a co-organizer of the tennis event and brother of Latham School student Homer. “This event is a lot of fun and we are proud to raise money for my little brother’s school, which is an amazing place.” 

Co-organizer Oliver Prantis, a rising junior at Sturgis High School in Hyannis, added, “Tennis is a physical and mental challenge. It strengthens my body, my determination, and my focus. I’m lucky I can play the sport and stay socially distant. I’m glad I’m helping to raise money for Latham School for a second year and that we have a tournament on Cape Cod!”

Matt McCleery, Latham parent and member of Latham’s Board of Directors, noted that a variety of safety protocols were put in place for the tournament. “We put a limit on the number of players and guests, gave each player their own tennis balls, required masks, and had other procedures in place that avoided contact among participants,” he said. “I want to thank Shawna Fors and Matthew Bejian of USTA for supporting this event. I also want to thank Eric Beebe and Susan Frasier of the Harwich Park and Rec for allowing us to use the beautiful courts at Brooks Park to play this fundraiser tournament. Finally, I want to thank Oliver’s mom, Dia Prantis, for arranging the trophies and Buffy McCleery for designing the commemorative T-shirts! This was a real team effort!” 

Thank you so much to the Latham Open organizers and participants! It is inspiring to know how much time, passion, and heartfelt effort our Latham families and friends put into running this tennis tournament to raise funds for Latham. We’ll post the results in a follow-up blog soon.


Pictured:  Latham Open Tennis Tournament co-organizers Oliver Prantis (left) and Rufus McCleery.


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