The Latham Cookbook: Co-author Patrice Carroll writes about the PWS journey

Patrice Carroll, co-author of Latham Centers’ new cookbook, is internationally recognized for her expertise in Prader-Willi syndrome. She has been working with individuals and families impacted by PWS since 1999, and her experiences helped shape the vision of Latham’s new book, “Living Healthy with Prader-Willi Syndrome: Cookbook and Nutrition Tips.” In the cookbook, Patrice writes about Latham Centers’ whole-person approach to treatment. Following is an excerpt from her article entitled “Guiding the PWS Journey: Participants lose 400 pounds in one year.”

“As a society, when we think about diet and weight loss, we tend to focus on numbers: How much weight has been lost? What is the blood pressure? How about cholesterol and blood glucose levels? We focus on clothing size and overall appearance: How has this person changed within the past year?

At Latham Centers, we focus on the whole person and the entire transformation that occurs with healthy eating and regular exercise, and how that affects a person’s overall quality of life. Due to our whole-person focus, variation in menu items, and enhanced exercise options, we have seen a dramatic combined weight loss of 400 pounds in one year for our 98 residents, and 95% of our students and adult residents are exercising regularly. Our residents have shown real pride in the entire process of becoming healthier—they are mindful about their eating and frequency of exercise; engaged in goal-setting; and working independently and in groups to achieve their overall health goals.

Living with PWS is a journey, and we are fortunate to help guide individuals diagnosed with PWS to be the best they can be and to live a quality life of their own definition. Like others with PWS, our residents battle anxiety and frustration, yet Latham’s program supports have allowed for a full transformation in our students’ and adults’ focus on food and skepticism toward physical fitness. Our residents have proven to critics (and most importantly, themselves) that their goals are attainable. Weight loss for someone with PWS goes far beyond numbers on a page; it improves those things that cannot be measured. A healthy life is essential to a quality life, and Latham takes pride in knowing that through our menu of food and exercise, we continue to support individuals in being the best they can be.”

Patrice Carroll, LCSW, is Latham Centers’ Director of PWS Services. Our new cookbook – a complete resource for planning nutritious, delicious meals for individuals with PWS – will be mailed to any U.S. address for a $35 donation to Latham Centers. More information is available HERE.


Pictured above:  Patrice (front right) with Latham colleagues at a recent PWS conference.

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