Latham Centers welcomes Dr. Colleen Sari to our staff

We’re delighted to introduce Colleen Sari, MD, Board Certified Child & Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, who recently joined Latham Centers’ Children’s Program team. Dr. Sari has provided school consultation throughout her career in regular and special education schools including approved private schools.

Dr. Sari said she is honored to find a position in an academic facility and the chance to collaborate with multiple disciplines here at Latham – including school, mental and physical health, and residential personnel. She will be responsible for managing psychiatric medications and coordinating mental health care of students with the clinical and nursing teams. She will also provide training and consultation on mental health issues to all staff.

In July, Dr. Sari traveled with Latham Centers colleagues to attend the 2022 International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation Conference (IPWSO) at the University of Limerick, Ireland. The conference’s vision was “to broaden understanding of PWS, to increase expertise, and to explore the experiences of people who live with and are affected by the syndrome.”

Meeting PWS experts from around the world was a fabulous opportunity to evaluate clinical practices from other counties and share clinical expertise, Dr. Sari said. “It was especially instructive to meet families from other countries and hear of their experiences.” Dr. Sari was an invited participant in the IPWSO Mental Health Workshop which is preparing a publication concerning best practices for individuals and families living with PWS. Latest research from the scientific symposium solidified Dr. Sari’s understanding of the pharmacotherapy of PWS.

Dr. Sari is a strong supporter of the concept of “shared practices”, shared partnerships with the individual and families living with PWS and those undertaking assessments and advising on interventions. Depending on emotional, practical, and financial resources, this is the best possible practice under the circumstances to ensure wellbeing.

We hope you will join us in extending a very warm welcome to Latham Centers’ Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Sari! We are truly fortunate to have her on our team.


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