Latham Centers Welcomes Brynn Cooper: New Director of Social Services


Latham Centers is thrilled to announce the hire of Brynn Cooper, Director of Social Services. Brynn, and Latham Centers are proud of her local roots; she grew up on Cape Cod and attended Nauset. Prior to receiving her Masters in Social work (LICSW), Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology, and minor concentrations in Business and Sociology, Brynn had already spent time on Latham campus learning about our students.

She immediately felt connected, and wanted to have a greater role at such a life-changing organization. Brynn says, “Latham is a big reason why I took the career path I did and became a social worker. Being here at Latham several years ago I was able to see the amount of change that was possible if kids were given the right supports and tools. I wanted to be the person to help them achieve the realization that they can accomplish so much more than they imagined. Thus, Latham feels a bit like coming home and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Brynn comes to us at an exciting time of year! She finished her educational New-Hire Orientation, and now looks forward to her days on campus, getting to know the residents and the staff. When asked what specifically she looks forward to, she said, “So many things! I’m most looking forward to events like graduations, the End of the Year Celebration, and other events where we are able to celebrate the successes of our students (and amazing staff!). There are big and small successes every day, and to be able to celebrate those as a community is so rewarding.”

We are so happy to welcome you home, into our heart-warming, uplifting, and motivated community.


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