Latham Centers’ June Worship Service Ends the Year on a Positive and Uplifting Note

Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 7.54.56 AMStudents at the Worship Services


June wraps up the Latham Centers Worship Service for the year with a positive and uplifting note. Once the month (with the exception of July and August) Latham Centers hosts a service lead by one of the many faiths represented on Cape Cod. This service gives the students opportunities to observe and learn about spirituality. June’s service lead by Pastor Nancy Bischoff from the Chatham Methodist Church was certainly one to remember!
The student’s met outside and explored concepts of faith through different stations and mediums. The service ended with a very important exercise. Each student looked into a mirror to view a message written on a piece of paper: “I AM SOMEBODY” they were instructed to shout as they looked back at their own faces. All the students engaged in the power of such an activity recognizing the lesson-we are all somebody.
We all deserve the opportunity to belong to something, the opportunity to identify and master goals, the opportunity to grow and gain independence and the opportunity to give back what we have learned in our journey.
Submitted by:
Gina Sheehan
Children’s Residential Director


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