Latham Centers Invited to Present at Orleans Masonic Angel Foundation’s Ceremonial Dinner

For over 15 years the Masonic Angel Foundation of Orleans has been giving to the students of Latham Centers. President and CEO of Latham, Anne McManus, began working with members of the Masonic Lodge when students’ individualistic needs were not being met because of a lack of funding. Currently, Gerry Pouliot, Director of Children’s Services, has built a strong relationship with the philanthropic organization.
The Mason’s model of giving is unique as compared to so many other community foundations. Rather than reviewing formal grant requests, the Mason’s ask for a description of the overall needs of all the students, and the priority needs of particular students. Their mission is to create an even level playing field for everyone in Cape Cod Schools by providing educational and recreational supplies otherwise not funded.
Examples of the endless giving include jackets during the winter season, bathing suits during the summer season, and school supplies, like backpacks, throughout the year. For many in the Nauset School system, they provide food for families in need.
For several students who reside at the Latham School their giving has been life-changing. Consider Gina*, an adult resident at Latham Centers who began in the children’s program. Gina learned through Latham Centers’ vocational program that not only does she have a talent for jewelry making and beadwork, but that she truly enjoys it. As a student of DCF, she did not have any monies to cover the cost of personal jewelry making supplies, however the Mason’s answered this need. When they learned about Gina’s passion, talent and interest they provided her with funds to launch a mini-studio. Now, an adult living in one of our residential homes, Gina continues to create beautiful jewelry on a daily basis, and even sells her goods in pop-up shops around Cape Cod. In addition to helping to improve her vocational skill set, the Mason’s helped Gina find a voice and increase her self-esteem.
Thank you, Masonic Angel Foundation and Dr. Robert Fellows for your continuous giving, immediate response rate, and true care and compassion for our students. We look forward to continuing this partnership long into the future.

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