Latham Centers Hosts Federated Church of Orleans on Campus

Members of the Federated Church of Orleans recently visited Latham School Campus in Brewster to witness their philanthropic support in action. The Church’s Local Mission Committee recently awarded Latham School with a grant to purchase iPads and accompanying assistive technology “apps” to benefit our students with complex special needs, including learning disabilities. The tour was led by a Latham student who charmed, captivated, and entertained the visitors with stories of classroom activities, and an insider’s peek into the challenges faced and overcome by our students and staff on a daily basis.
Throughout the tour, the Latham Student, guided by Assistant Principal Brittni Taylor and Development Associate Katrina Fryklund, described specific uses of iPad assistive technology from reading apps, to others specifically designed to promote physical fitness, and boost engagement and performance in mathematics and writing.
The members of the Federated Church of Orleans are truly impressed with all that happens at Latham School, including the uses of iPads in the classrooms and the personal testimonials of the day-to-day, life-changing activities at Latham Centers.  We are grateful and appreciative of the Local Mission Committee’s commitment toward advancing our mission to help children with complex special needs to lead abundant and fulfilling lives on Cape Cod.

Submitted by: 
Katrina Fryklund

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