Latham Centers: A HUGE Presence at the International PWS Conference

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Latham Centers recently sent eight staff to Toronto, Canada, where we sponsored the Professional Caregivers Conference at the International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organization Conference (IPWSO). Held every three years, parents, doctors and caregivers come from around the world to meet and discuss the needs of individuals with PWS.
It’s often routine for our staff to think more locally and nationally about the services and programs offered at Latham, however at this conference all attendees got a true sense of why we are so special, and how our model care makes a global impact.
At the Professional Caregivers Conference staffers Patrice Carroll, Lee Chamberlain and Kathy vanEsselstyn spoke about a myriad of different aspects of Latham Centers. As a world-renowned specialist and Chair of the Conference, Patrice led many sessions ranging from Skin Picking to Executive Functioning Disorder. Lee Chamberlain and Kathy vanEsselstyn spoke about Positive Behavioral Supports and Individualized Care Models based on residents’ interests and skill sets. Also, Lee and Patrice spoke to parents about Residential Homes, and how to make successful residential placements.
Other staffers attended a plethora of sessions ranging from PWS Success Stories to New Medications on the Market. Additionally, Panel Discussions gave staff the opportunity to learn about (and teach others) pointers and facts regarding diet, exercise, education and group homes.
Ultimately, it was an experience that is difficult to sum up in words. Talking to Doctors, Caregivers and Parents in their 20s and 30s who have just received a PWS diagnosis for their one-year-old, as well as Parents in their 70s who are looking for new models of residential care, opened our eyes to the great strides, but vast needs of the PWS Community.


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