Latham Celebrates Two New Graduates

Over the past two weeks two Latham Centers student residents have graduated decorated in Latham Centers’ traditional blue gown. Even more exciting is that both of these scholars are going to the Adult Residential Program at Latham Centers.

Both graduations were full of smiling staff, students, and family members. Tears fell from beaming faces as the students, teachers, and clinicians told stories of successes and hardships, but ultimately the triumphs felt at Latham Centers.

The photos tell a story of hand-made quilted blankets graciously donated by the Harwich Quilt Bank and received by graduates, diplomas received, cards of praise and hopes for success from peers, and hugs of support and pride from staff and family members. The Harwich Quilt Bank volunteer group has donated these beautiful quilts for years and the student quilt presentation is one of many highlights of graduation for our students.

As we say a bitter-sweet goodbye to these two beautiful faces and personalities from the Latham Campus, we know that both of these young adults will find continued future success in the Adult Program. We congratulate them on their growth over the past years and applaud their future endeavors.

In Ayanna’s speech she explained, “I made it through. I did it. Just be yourself and never give up [in order] to accomplish your goals for your next experience [in] life.” These words are not just applicable to our graduates, but to all of us.

Thank you Ayanna and Casey for all that you have taught to your peers, your teachers and clinicians, and to your extended family at Latham Centers. 

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