Latham Celebrates Rare Disease Day (Part 2): “I have learned so much from each of our students and strive to be more like them”

In our second Rare Disease Day video, we showcase seven additional students who light up a room and impress staff and peers every day. During this exercise with staff, Chris H. responded to the prompt, “I have learned so much from each of our students and strive to be more like them. On their good days, they are everything that is right in this world. If more people took the good from each one of them, the world would be a better place.”

Staff and students work in symbiosis to create a happy and burgeoning community – one that truly celebrates the beauty of Rare Disease Day.

      • Ann looks for knowledge and she always has an anecdote or some fun fact to share. She not only finds the silver lining she points it out to everyone.

      • Bella is on her way to running her own school; she loves taking charge of various activities and jobs. Bella is someone who likes to contribute.

      • Grant is a charming young man. You will often see him with a book in hand and he often talks about how much he enjoys trips to the library.

      • Daniel would be Latham’s best lobbyist. He has built such strong relationships with staff and students alike he is able to express himself well. He also relishes jokes and jabs back and forth with others.

      • AK is so intelligent and enjoys reading about current events, especially those involving nature or animals. She enjoys keeping her space calm and clutter-free, which we have in common. She is a delight to have in class!

      • Jessica is a joy; she tries hard in all things and may be one of the kindest human beings on the planet.

      • Sean is kind, respectful, and fun. He is a deep thinker and is always good for a reflective discussion. He is also a prankster and loves to goof around.

Stay tuned for more remarks about our students who make Latham the community it is. Happy Rare Disease Week!

Special thanks to Katrina Kozak for coordinating this uplifting Rare Disease Day blog series.


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