Latham Campus Celebrates Hanukkah

In our Children’s Program, with over forty students hailing from different parts of the country, it’s such a joy to learn about the “special something” that others enjoy about their holiday traditions. We like to celebrate a bit of everyone’s holiday. This year, for Hanukkah, Latham students came together with group games, celebrations, and a wonderful dinner. Our dining team put together a delicious meal which included brisket, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and grape juice.

Clinician Judy Skolnick led the activities with the students. Judy reflected on her experience this year:

“Over the past three years that I have been involved with helping Latham celebrate Hanukkah, this year was the best! I had two student helpers when I went to each classroom to share a traditional game of Dreidel. Daniel and Zach explained the game and helped their classmates. Last year, due to COVID precautions, I was not able to be on campus with the kids and did it virtually. It meant the world to me to see how enthusiastic the kids were on Thursday to participate, and I was surprised by how many of our students remembered the game and embraced the traditions of Hanukkah.”

This was truly a group effort, Judy added. “I want to give a shout out to our Assistant Director of Residential Services, Patti Hynes-Morris, as well as Tiffany Tuccillo and others for their assistance in decorating our suites and schoolhouse building. Happy Hanukkah Latham!”


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