Latham bowling teams win spirit and fundraising prizes at “Roll the Rock”

Latham was part of a spectacular fundraising event Friday, April 6th, at Ryan Family Amusements. At the annual Roll the Rock event, produced by Cape Cod Charitable FunRaisers, 14 staffers and 3 adult residents dressed up in costume, bowled and cheered on teams from several other Cape Cod charities who raised a combined total of more than $15,000 for their organizations.  Other beneficiary charities included We Can, Cotuit Center for the Arts, and CHAMP Homes.

The photos on Latham’s Facebook page tell the story of the wildly successful event, including an end-of-the-evening group Latham Centers photo that captured the spirit and camaraderie of Latham staff, residents, friends, and volunteers; memorable moments throughout the evening; and a video clip of Zachary Benevides (Latham Pirates of “Pin”zance), knocking down the 10th pin after an incredible bowling night. With approximately four strikes and four spares, he helped his team achieve a score of 1300 in one of two 10-pin games. His personal score for the round was 203 and he received kudos by all in attendance for his “Top Ten Pin Bowler” achievement.  Latham Mayhem, a staff team comprised of Katrina Fryklund, Meghan Pouliot, Kara McDowell, Gina Sheehan, and Brittni Taylor won the team spirit award.

Thank you to CCCF and Ryan Family Amusements for producing the event, and thank you to Latham board member, Chris Gillstrom for leading Latham’s involvement in both Roll the Rock and the upcoming Last Gasp bike ride to take place in September. All proceeds from Roll and Rock will go to Latham Center’s Expanding our Circle Campaign for the new Latham Community Center.


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