Latham adds Diversity Training to professional development curriculum

Professional development is a cornerstone of Latham Centers’ desire to continuously improve our services.  Latham has a dedicated Training Department that is constantly getting feedback and developing trainings and seminars to meet the evolving needs of our staff and the children and adults we support. Last month, workplace diversity training was held for managerial staff. “The trainings provided an opportunity to pause and think about our own roles and responsibilities as supervisors and role models to ensure that we are accessible and maintain open communication,” commented Director of Employee Training and Development Kathleen vanEsselstyn.

Trainer Dianne Klayman from the Center for Corporate and Professional Education at Cape Cod Community College led the sessions at Latham’s Training Center in Brewster. Her presentation included a review of pertinent laws and Latham’s policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination; group activities designed to engage in discussions about biases and prejudices (including assumptions and stereotypes); and conversations about fostering our positive environment and ensuring that every staff member is supported and treated with dignity and respect.

In one of Dianne’s slides, she quoted the words of a song as participants listened to “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” :

You’ve Got To Be Taught
to Hate And Fear,
you’ve Got To Be Taught
from Year To Year,
it’s Got To Be Drummed
in Your Dear Little Ear
you’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught.

You’ve Got To Be Taught To Be Afraid
of People Whose Eyes Are Oddly Made,
and People Whose Skin Is A Diff’rent Shade,
you’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught.

You’ve Got To Be Taught Before It’s Too Late,
before You Are Six Or Seven Or Eight,
to Hate All The People Your Relatives Hate,
you’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught!

At Latham Centers, we are made stronger by embracing diversity and fostering open communication. Thank you to our Training Team members and our presenter Dianne for the excellent professional development opportunity. 

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