Last Gasp rider Chad Simmons will bike 60 miles to benefit Latham Centers


Chad Simmons of Mashpee will ride in the Last Gasp bike ride next weekend to benefit Latham Centers. The retired military veteran has a long history of giving, but he only recently learned about Latham and committed to supporting our non-profit through the Sandwich-to-Provincetown ride.  Chad has participated in many charity events for military and law enforcement, but when he signed up for the Last Gasp, he chose to ride for Latham because he connected with our mission.  Chad’s selfless journey that led him to reach out to Latham is inspiring:

“I was active duty Army for eight years and was in the Massachusetts National Guard for another 13 and retired from the military in 2012. I worked for the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department and retired in February of this year. For the last 12 years, I had been working two full-time jobs (for the Sheriff’s Department and Coastal Engineering Company out of Orleans as a project manager). I have a lot of time now that I am not working seven days a week, and I have started riding and running in my spare time. I wanted to do the Last Gasp and I looked into all the charitable organizations that will benefit from the ride, and I chose Latham Centers. I look forward to raising money for the organization and hope it will help Latham Centers thrive.”

We are honored to have Chad join our fundraising team!  His message to donors follows:   

Help me raise money for Latham Centers as I bike Cape Cod from end to end on September 17, 2017.  To donate, follow this link and select Last Gasp – then rider Chad Simmons. (100% of your donations go to Latham.)”

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