Last Chance to become a Team Latham Runner! All the Reasons you Need to Run for Latham

12-300x300A Latham Student Participates in the Special Olympics, funded by Latham Centers’ Runners

After yesterday’s post and the below story, we think it’ll be hard for you NOT to want to run in the Falmouth Road Race. If you have interest in running, or know of a friend who has interest in running please pass along this and help Team LATHAM! This year the race will be on Sunday, August 16th! Please click HERE and click on “Show all Team Latham Runners” to sponsor one or many of these deserving candidates.
This is the story of Steve B., the father of one Latham resident who is running the Road Race out of extreme gratitude and hope for a bright future for his child and his fellow Latham residents. When his son Michael moved to the Cape in September of 2009, things were not going well for the young man or his caring family. Michael was in crisis. His weight was too high, his outbursts explosive, and his behavior erratic. Following  difficulties at his previous placement, Michael’s family visited Latham Centers and immediately knew this was the place for him based on Latham’s expert care. Five years after making an incredibly difficult decision to place Michael at Latham’ residential school in Brewster, his family members cannot imagine what their lives would be like had it not been for the consistency and supervision provided by the staff 365/24/7. Since graduating from Latham School, Michael transitioned to a Latham Adult Group Home and is doing better than ever expected. He has participated in Special Olympics, delivers Meals on Wheels, and continues to participate in community activities. All in all, Michael is doing fantastically. Without Latham Centers’ program none of these feats would be possible.


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