Kindness, Resilience, and Hope: Celebrating our students and staff

It has been a long time since we have been able to host an event, so our 2022 Year-End Celebration of Kindness, Resilience, and Hope on June 23rd ushered in summer with unforgettable moments and reflections.

In her welcome to Latham students, families, staff, and special guests, President & CEO Anne McManus noted that although it has been a rough two years, through it all, kindness, resilience, and hope radiated at Latham Centers.

“Patience, kindness, and resilience was evident throughout the pandemic as students had to adjust to a number of changes that we needed to implement to keep things safe. Our students are amazing!

Also amazing during this crazy time was the patience of our parent community that supported the hard decisions that had to be made in the interest of safety during the height of COVID – thank you!

On the adult side of our world, residents had to deal with the closure of their day programs, the inability to get out and do the things that they enjoyed, and periodic quarantines – and again, kindness and patience was there! Our resilience was evident as our Adult Program was able to open two new homes in Sandwich and Wareham, enabling us to have a place that is fully accessible for adults as they age. This monumental effort could not have happened without our managers and staff.

Every step of the way, our Latham staff were our true heroes – making sure that the children and adults were supported, reassured, and cared for.  They put their own fears and safety aside to ensure that we continued to operate at the height of the pandemic. Our direct support professionals, our education, nursing, clinical, kitchen, and maintenance teams, our supervisors and managers, our administrative and support staff, and our program directors all sacrificed and adapted to make sure that Latham kept doing its important work.”

Other special moments from last Thursday’s end-of-year event, including Community, Staff, and Student Awards, will be shared in an upcoming blog series.


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