July Staff of the Month: Kiera Fallon and Joe Holland

Pictured above: Many kind words are displayed on two bulletin boards on campus featuring Kiera and Joe (as well as Kevin and Hanna)!

Today we recognize Kiera and Joe – two more Latham staff members who were named July staff of the month (along with Kevin Cole and Hanna Genell recently featured on our blog. Kiera Fallon is an incredible Special Education Teacher in the Nauset Classroom, and Joe Holland is an outstanding Maintenance Technician in our Facilities Department. Students and staff said so many kind things about Kiera and Joe – including calling them “superheroes”! Here are just a few:

Since Joe came on, he has been a bright spot. Between carrying a refrigerator during a blizzard to painting on a dime, he’s always willing to help! –Staff

Kiera, I love doing puzzles and games with you. -Student

Joe has been working in Maintenance since November 8, 2021. He has proven to be a great asset to our team and fits right in. He has acquired extensive knowledge in the day-to-day challenges at Latham. -Staff

Shoutout to Kiera for always being there for her students and for always leaving GREAT sub plans when she isn’t going to be here. –Staff

Joe’s knowledge, wit, and humor make him a pleasure to be around. He is always willing to help the staff at campus and in the group homes. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from other staff. -Staff

Kiera is such a caring and supportive teacher. I think she is always caring and supportive. -Student

Every time I ask Joe to help with things, he does it, and fixes things. -Student

Kiera is always helpful to her colleagues, and I’ve noticed that she stays calm, cool, and collected during any crisis. We are so lucky she is on our team. -Staff

Joe is always helpful with whatever we need done. He always has a smile on his face, and we love him here. -Staff

Kiera makes me feel safe and makes me smile. –Student

I want to give a huge shout-out to Joe for always being so bubbly and for checking in with me on a daily basis. -Staff

Kiera deserves staff of the month because she knows how to handle anything. She runs to every crisis and handles her classroom so well. -Staff

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