Jeff Lee leads stupendous SummerTide outings throughout the summer

SummerTide is Latham Centers’ field trip-based program that takes place throughout July and August. The SummerTide curriculum educates our students about the unique beauty of Cape Cod and helps them understand the fragility of its complex ecosystems and the value of preservation. On these outings, we incorporate all that is magical and fun about summers on Cape Cod while providing our students with a deeper connection to its history – including its indigenous people like the Wampanoag, its ecology, and the duty we all share to be good stewards. We created SummerTide to meet a portion of the Massachusetts Common Core science curriculum framework.

Science Club, led by Latham Special Education Teacher Jeff Lee, is very popular among our students. Jeff recently shared a wonderful collection of photos he and his colleagues took of our students enjoying the SummerTide outings to explore Pleasant Bay, view the seals off Monomoy Island, and discover other unique Cape destinations. In an email he sent to his colleagues, Jeff showcased the genuine team effort our Children’s Services staff coordinated to make SummerTide possible for our students. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your SummerTide journey!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for an amazing summer full of outings for our students. Last Friday was the last science outing, and I had a weekend to reflect on all the hard work everyone here at Latham did to ensure these trips went off without a fault.

I want to thank Tiffany for helping call and set up the contacts when I couldn’t find the time. You had a huge part in making sure these experiences happened; I am thankful for that.

Second, I want to thank all the staff that went out with me to help support our students. You all made these outings so much fun and memorable for them. It was so amazing to see the smiling faces all summer long. Thirty-seven students had a chance to get on the seal-watching boat, which is a testament to the hard work you all do daily.

I want to also thank the kitchen staff for all the work needed to ensure the students had lunch on time and a snack packed every day to enjoy on the way home. We all greatly appreciate it, and your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Lastly, I want to thank the Latham Administration for supporting this program, and the Friends of Pleasant Bay for their generous grant funding to support SummerTide. Getting the students out and having these unique experiences means a lot to me, and it is incredible to have your full support to make these events happen for our kids.



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