Individualized career planning matches adult resident Drew with Agway’s pet department

Adult resident Drew K. recently completed his seasonal job in the pet department at Agway of Cape Cod’s South Dennis store. Latham Centers’ Vocational Director Maura Smith said Drew’s placement illustrates the positive results of our client-centered individualized career planning. Drew’s career plan is focused on pets – he loves cats and dogs – and because Agway allows its customers to bring their well-behaved pets into their stores, the pet department job was ideal for Drew. He loved being a part of the Agway team and the staff at Agway said Drew had a great season, improving his skill set and proving himself as a helpful member of the retail team. Drew looks forward to springtime when he hopes to return to his job at Agway.

In the meantime, Agway continues to support Latham’s vocational endeavors, hosting our Adult Crafters’ Holiday Pop-Up Boutique on Friday, December 8th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Agway, Route 134, South Dennis. Save the date!

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