ICYMI: 31 Fun and Uplifting Facts from Youngsters with PWS



In case you missed it (ICYMI): Latham created another innovative celebration for Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month this year. Please join us in thanking Patrice Carroll (Director of PWS Services) and Katrina Fryklund (Director of National Outreach) for the incredible work they did filming 31 short videos with students from Latham Centers and our Virtual PWS Community. And kudos and thanks to all 31 students who shared a fact-of-the-day – they were phenomenal!

“We all know that there are some challenges that come along with PWS, but we don’t spend enough time talking about all of the amazing things that people with PWS bring to the world,” Patrice said. Below are some of our most “liked” facts on social media – shared by just a few of the dozens of the cherished youngsters our Latham team works with every day.

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! Sometimes emotional support animals help people with PWS. My emotional support animal helps me stay calm… His name is Chimi! -Annika

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! People with PWS can be athletic and like to play different sports. -Matthew

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! My name is Kylie! Some people with PWS love to do crafts, and are very good at them, just like me! – Kylie

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! I am really fun to be around. I love music, crafts, and being with my friends. -Joselyn

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! Some people with PWS do really well in school and get good grades like I do. -Mikey

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! Some people with PWS are good at science. I know more about mosquitos than anyone else in the world. – Patrick

  • Hi! My name is Sean! Happy PWS Awareness Month. People with PWS can be really good athletes like me. – Sean

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month. Some people with PWS use coping skills like music, coloring, or horseback riding to feel calm. -Brooke

  • Happy PWS Awareness Month! People with PWS have a lot to say if you stop and listen to them. -Aidan

  • I have PWS and I’m a really great guy! -Josel

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