“I am moved and inspired by the Latham staff”

In an open letter to our staff, longtime Latham Centers Board of Directors member Kathryn Earle praises our team members for their extraordinary service in this crazy time of COVID:

“As a Latham Board member, organizational consultant, and human being in the time of COVID, I have been thinking for months, now, of the terrible strain that the pandemic has put on nearly everyone, all over the world. I have been watching and waiting for evidence of “canaries in the coalmine” – the fragile edges and elements in society who are more vulnerable to destabilizing events like this. We all feel it; they are us. I am very much aware that Latham’s work can be difficult and challenging at the best of times. And, although there’s a growing desire to forget about it, we are still in a pandemic and that makes the work even more challenging, especially as we approach another winter. So, I am even more deeply impressed by, and grateful for, the fact that Latham staff members in all roles continue to create a great environment and excellent services for our individuals and their families, and the community as a whole.

I am truly amazed.

I was particularly struck when Anne shared with the Board recently about the high morale in many parts of the organization. Every one of us has a choice as to how to respond to whatever life hands us. No matter how awful it gets, you always have that choice. I am moved and inspired by the examples Latham staff members are setting for all of us, in these strange times.

Thank you, Latham staff members!” – Kathryn Earle

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