Honors in Adult Services


Joanna and Janice with State Politicians (left) Joanna and Janice (Right)


On March 27, 2015, Latham Resident Janice R. and Adult Services staff member Joanna S. both received recognition awards via the Cape and Islands DDS Citizens Advisory Board.

Janice R. turned 60 in March, is one of the oldest living residents with PWS in the country and has been nominated for her perseverance in overcoming many obstacles that life has presented. She has done so with humility and most often humor. Janice has worked at a local clothing store for over ten years, recently receiving an award for her tenure with the company. She has a second job in the work program at CapeAbilities and often sells crafts that she produces in her leisure time at local venues. In addition, she is passionate about knitting, fishing, traveling, gardening, and exercise. We congratulate her for her successes and for receiving this award.

Joanna S. has been an employee of Latham Centers for 25 years, and has assisted Janice over the past 10 years as both her case manager and residential counselor. They have built a trusting relationship and share mutual respect and admiration for each other.

Congratulations to both Janice and Joanna. As Janice’s Residential Manager, it was with great pride to have watched two so deserving people receive such distinguishing awards.


Submitted by:
Stephen Lavallee
Adult Residential Manager

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