Halloween on campus: “Students had a blast!”


Latham students and staff had a fabulous Halloween this year. Last week’s festivities in the Children’s Program were coordinated by Day Supervisor Lauren Viera.  “Thank you to everyone who helped make the day go so incredibly smoothly,” she said. “It was my first time putting together and running Halloween, and I was thrilled with how well it went. The students had a blast!”

At Latham Centers, we have an annual tradition for the Halloween holiday, carefully planned and focused on fun activities to allow our students a chance to enjoy the day—without a candy focus. Each year on Halloween, students dress up, play games, trick-or-treat throughout the campus with their classrooms, and vote on the best staff costumes. As you can see from the photo collage, many of the treats are toys and other non-food themed items – as well as a small amount of sweet treats, individualized based on students’ needs. Costumed staff members from all departments hand out the treats at designated locations, making it a special occasion for everyone.

Many thanks to Lauren and all of our staff, as well as our volunteer helpers – including representatives from the Brewster Police and Fire Departments, and friends from RogersGray!

Tomorrow, we’ll announce the staff costume contest winners and share more photos from Halloween.


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