The Growing Agway/Latham Centers Partnership

Since 2013 Latham Centers and Agway have been working together to create opportunities for our residents. In 2015 Agway donated plants and materials to install the Agway Herb Garden on campus, and since then the students have flourished. Together, we have expanded the partnership to include four vocational placements, as well as a garden at one of the Adult Residential Homes. Last year, Agway received the William McClennan Community Service Award at our Annual Year End Celebration.

Currently, three of Latham Centers’ adult residents have paid jobs at Agway in Dennis. Two of the residents work with the plants in the greenhouse, and one works in the Pet Center. Additionally, another resident will be working at the Agway in Orleans greenhouse.

Last year Agway donated items to the Adult Residential Program, where a resident created his very own produce garden. This pilot program was extremely successful, and not only is the residential home using the produce in their meal prep, but the resident plans on selling them at Farmer’s Markets throughout the summer season!

We are so grateful to Agway for this continued partnership, and look forward to its growth for many years to come!

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