Agway Thanked at Latham Centers’ Year-End-Celebration

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Recently, Latham Centers hosted its Annual Year End Celebration. Many community businesses were thanked for their generosity in helping out the children and adults at Latham. Agway of Cape Cod is one of those community Businesses. Below is the speech read at the Celebration.
For over five years Agway of Cape Cod has been a community partner to Latham Centers. Beginning with donations to the Latham Centers Charity Golf Classic in 2011, Josh Wile and Jess Thomas have been instrumental to the success of our residents in a myriad of ways.
In 2013 Latham Centers embarked with Cape Associates on the Playhouse Raffle. Agway helped to beautify the playhouse and make it more “homey.” Latham Centers raised over $13,000 as a result of their support.
In 2015 and continuing to today Agway partnered with Latham Centers’ new Circle of Growing Program and the Agway Herb Garden. Students, staff and volunteers came together to where they planted and now maintain herbs and aromatics ranging from lavender to mint to basil.
While the garden has enabled students to learn about horticulture, it has also emphasized the importance of vocational training, responsibility, fine motor skills, patience, team work, and even creative license through making herb infused soaps. Additionally, the garden has enabled herbalists and consultants to teach our students new skills. This vocational program has “blossomed” into a loved, regular residential campus activity. Finally, Chef Paul in our kitchen plans on using these herbs in his gourmet recipes as well, where Latham can save over $1000 in food costs annually.
In 2016 Latham Centers and Agway extended their relationship into the Adult and Pet Care programs. They hired two adult residents who love being part of the Agway team of paid employees. Agway donated vegetables and herbs  and vegetable plants to our Yarmouthport residential home where curious gardeners live. Finally, they invited us to take part in their first “Paw Palooza” held on July 16 and 17, where Latham Centers showcased its newly constructed pet program.
Thank you, Josh Wile, Jess Thomas and Susan Wile, and everyone in the Agway family for continuing to support the residents of Latham Centers in countless, life-changing ways. Congratulations on receiving the William McClennan Community Service Award.

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