Gratitude from attendees: Latham’s Virtual Outreach has changed lives

Latham Centers celebrates gratitude in so many ways during the holiday season. Today we share the words of just a few participants in our Virtual Outreach program. In words and in art, they share what gratitude means to them.

“I am grateful for everyone at Latham Centers for inviting me into your group. I am grateful for everything you do for all of us with PWS every day, and for all of the great friends I have made. Thank you.” – Student

“You have no idea how much you have not only enriched [my daughter’s] life as well as mine. I am truly grateful to all of you for all you do. [We] have been in lockdown since last March…and [we have not] been able to go anywhere other than the doctors, so life is pretty lonely for [my daughter], and you guys are a ray of sunshine every week.” – Parent

“During these unprecedented times [my daughter’s] world has actually expanded and she has been able to meet so many wonderful individuals who also happen to have Prader-Willi. After zooming she always explains to me what her new friends are up to. I’ve always believed it takes a village and a community to give people the greatest chance to be the best that they can be and I’m so grateful you are part of ours. We wish everyone a magical holiday season with health and happiness.” – Parent

Lily: Puffer Fish


Lily: Reindeer


Lily: Turkey


Trevor: Axolotl


Trevor: Turkey


Logan: Reindeer


Hannah: Axolotl



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