Grant and Kai win multiple awards at Community Meeting


Katrina Kozak, Director of National Outreach, shares recent student award highlights from our Children’s Program:

At our Children’s Campus Community Meeting held on November 3rd, students and staff were recognized for their October accomplishments. While there were many highlights, a couple stuck out to me.

Monthly, I am impressed by everyone recognized in our Community Meetings. Kai, who joined us in August, came away with three awards: Cleanest Room in the Saquatucket Suite, Special Olympics Student of the Month, and Most Impressive Student Hygiene. Additionally, Grant, who joined us in September, came away with two: the Clinicians’ Good Citizen Award and the Cleanest Room in the North Wing Suite. These two youngsters have joined the Latham community and lead by example as they acclimate to the Latham way of life!

Grant’s clinician, Melissa Grasso, said it best, “I am honored to announce the Good Citizen award [to Grant]. This student is a welcome addition to the Latham community. He shows a positive attitude in his classroom and around the campus. He has respect for others and the environment, is a hard worker, and shows up with a smile. This student is kind and continues to do his best every day.”

Congratulations to all our winners – with a huge pat on the back to Kai and Grant! ~ Katrina

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