Going Green at Latham: Thank you, Maintenance & IT!

Latham Centers’ annual tradition of GOING GREEN by recycling “tech junk” continues. Earlier this month, our Maintenance and Technology departments teamed up to responsibly recycle our organization’s obsolete electronics and components. We invited employees to bring their electronics recyclables from home, too. Thanks also to all who brought in ‘electronics waste’ to be recycled by PC Survivors of Hanover.*

PC Survivors urges everyone to responsibly recycle all electronics at end-of-life with an R2v3/RIOS-certified company. PC Survivors notes that R2v3/RIOS certification is solely for electronics recyclers to demonstrate to customers that electronics equipment is being recycled with the highest standards for environmental protection, worker health and safety, data privacy, and facility security. “A facility that has invested in R2v3/RIOS certification has upgraded to the highest, most responsible standards in recycling.”

* Electronics recycling helps to protect the environment AND reduces data risks. Electronics can contain substances that contaminate the air, soil, and water if sent to a landfill – and electronic computing devices can contain sensitive data. Latham Centers works with PC Survivors for this annual ‘green’ initiative. PCS responsibly recycles surplus, scrap, and obsolete electronics and components, and they wipe all hard drive data. For more information, please reach out to PC Survivors https://www.pcsmass.com/.


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