Get Out Your Calendars!

Latham Centers is quite busy planning many PWS conference presentations! As we celebrate PWS month, we look forward to meeting families and professionals across the globe! Just last month, a delegation of Latham staff attended the PWNY Alliance conference in Syracuse, NY. Latham staff Jonathan Smith, Pam Nolan and Patrice Carroll gave informative workshops for families on the topics of residential placement decisions and sensory integration.

In July, Patrice has been invited to present at the IPWSO Conference in Cambridge, England. Patrice will be called on to again speak on the topic of sensory integration and how those with PWS can benefit from incorporating more of it into their daily routine. 

July 17th-21st, 2013

The excitement continues into September when Latham Centers, along with our friends and colleagues at Advocates, Inc. and PWSNE host our third conference at the beautiful resort, Ocean Edge, in Brewster. This event has been carefully planned to aid families and professionals on topics they have been asking us about: PWS Best Practices.
PWS Conference 2013

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Friday September 20th only: $75 per person

Saturday September 21st only: $100 per person

September 20th & 21st: $150 per person

And finally, we are looking forward to seeing many friends and colleagues down in Orlando at the PWSAUSA Conference in November, 2013 too!  More to come on all of the conferences as details firm up.  Please be sure to stop by and say hello if you are in the area—or if you are attending any of these wonderful events. We would love to see you!

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