Gerry Pouliot joins MAAPS Board of Directors

Director of Children’s Services Gerald Pouliot III has accepted an additional leadership role with a statewide organization serving the special education community. Gerry was named to the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Association of Approved Special Education Schools (, known throughout New England for “great schools, great work.” MAAPS member schools serve approximately 6,800 children from Massachusetts and beyond. Gerry said he is honored to serve on the MAAPS Board. “MAAPS has helped Latham Centers with our mission-driven work for many years. Working in sync with this cohort of dedicated professionals from other special education schools across the Commonwealth, we’ll continue to ensure the highest quality education for the students we serve.”

Several members of the Latham team continue to serve on MAAPS committees, including Latham President & CEO Anne McManus (a past MAAPS Board President who serves on the PR Committee). In addition to Gerry’s recent appointment, several other member school colleagues were also announced by MAAPS (and published by the State House News Service):

“The Mass. Association of Approved Special Education Schools recently announced new leadership and additions to its board of directors. MICHAEL AMES, president and CEO at the RFK Community Alliance, has been appointed as president of the MAAPS Board; STEPHANIE WARD, vice president at the Justice Resource Institute has been appointed vice president; SHAUN CUSSON, executive director of Hillcrest Education Foundation, has been appointed treasurer; KATHLEEN LOVENBURY, president and CEO at Crystal Springs Inc., has been appointed clerk; CHRIS HUNT, executive director of the Professional Center for Child Development and LAWRENCE SAUER, CEO of the League School of Greater Boston, have been appointed as board delegates at large. New members of the board include DR. WILLIAM A. DÁVILA, executive director and CEO of the Children’s Study Home; BRIDGET IRISH, executive director and president of Cotting School; BOB LYNCH, director of student services at Amego; JODY MICHALSKI, head of school at White Oak School; and GERALD POULIOT III, director of children’s services at Latham Centers. Three past-presidents are departing from the board: DAVE MANZO from the Cotting School, ANNE MCMANUS from Latham Centers, and DAVID DRAKE from White Oak School.”

Congratulations to all – thank you for your service!

More about MAAPS: MAAPS represents over 80 approved special education schools in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. MAAPS provides a range of services to its members, including professional development, marketing, diversity initiatives, government relations, external affairs, and peer enterprises. MAAPS schools are committed to ethical practices, non-discrimination, and extraordinary education. For more information, visit (Please watch for an upcoming post about the impact of joining the MAAPS Action Network).

Pictured: Gerry Pouliot at Latham School’s Brewster campus


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