From the Voice of a Student: What Latham Means to Max


Every week students attend classes and also meet with their Clinicians. During Clinical Meetings the students discuss the goings-on from the week. This week, Max spoke about an essay that he wrote in class. While Max is proud of his essay, we, as staff, are proud of Max. During this Holiday Season let’s all take a page out of Max’s “book,” and think about our talents and for what we are grateful.

What Latham Means to Me
By Max
For me, Latham is a safe place where I can learn and grow easily.  Latham is a school that has helped me to feel like I belong.  Latham has taught me belonging by how the staff and students and teachers help each other in the same way that family members help each other.  I think that Latham has really helped me strive and grow so that my life will be better and I will be able to do more things as an adult.
 Latham School has taught me mastery. Being at a school that helps teach mastery has made me grow into the young man I am today.  The staff at Latham have helped me master reading, personal hygiene, math skills, and all the rest of my learning.  
Latham School has taught me independence. I have learned to care for myself better and more quickly. I have learned to work hard to develop my skills.  I have developed discipline to exercise and build my strength so I can pursue my dream for employment. I have also done work in the stables at the horse farm, and I have helped to take care of the fleet of vans at Latham. I have also helped the maintenance team.
Being at Latham has helped me to be more generous.  I work hard every day to set a good example for my peers in the classroom.  I help my suite-mates try and stay calm by having healthy conversations.  For me, Latham School is a safe place to strive to be all I can be.


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