Flag Half-Mast for Peace Officers Memorial Day

May 15, 2015


President Obama ordered flags be displayed at half-mast on May 15th for Peace Officers Memorial Day during Police Week.  In recognition of this decree Latham Works’ official flag bearer, Jeremy, dutifully prepared for the occasion and executed a perfectly hoisted half-mast flag.  Did you know that a half-mast flag should be raised to its peak first, then lowered to its position of honor?  Jeremy was prepared and proud to get the job done correctly. 
Jeremy has taken ownership and responsibility for the flag-bearer honor. He has used the positive experience of holding this job to pursue additional employment in the Latham Works program.  We are proud to have Jeremy represent Latham in the daily honoring of our country, and today especially as we honor the officers who have sacrificed their lives while keeping the peace.
Andy Needel
Vocational Teacher





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