First Annual Latham Centers’ Adult Program Summer Cookout and Dance Party Social


Whether they be volunteering, working and/or participating in day programs, the adults who reside at Latham Centers are all active members of their community. Over the past year these numbers have grown exponentially and it is time that successes are celebrated!
Dedicated staff of the adult program realized a need: our residents are working so hard, every day, yet are not given the same social opportunities as so many people that are considered “typical.” Often times special needs focused events require fees, and many of our residents do not have the savings to afford outings, dances and social activities.  
This is where our dedicated staff stepped in! On July 6th, eighty adult residents and staff will come together at the future campus expansion site from 5pm to 8pm for a summer cookout on the lawn, followed by a dance party/social. Residents are definitely going to bring their dancing shoes so as to impress the DJ with their moves!
This wasn’t just any normal invite, either! Each invite was personalized and hand delivered to the residential houses with a glow-stick attached! When *John answered the door and staffer *James handed him his invite, the exchange was incredibly heartwarming. Not only could John afford this dance because it was free, but it was Latham centered so ALL his friends would be there. This was an exciting invite for not just John, but also everyone else in the adult program.
Thank you to James to reaching out to friends and staff to coordinate this event! Pictures to follow!


*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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