Children’s Program Year-End Celebration: Generosity

As one parent said, “This year’s celebration was the best one yet.” Annually, at our Year-End Celebration, staff, students, Board of Directors, community friends, and business partners celebrate the achievements of our residents. We also celebrate the generosity of our community and business partners. This week we will honor each of the awardees through our blog, so stay tuned to learn more about our Roy T. Morgan and William McClennan Award winners!

The day started under sunny skies with the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem by Dylan, Chloe, Bess, and Anthony. The entire audience joined enthusiastically. Next Jeni Landers, Board Chair, and Anne McManus, CEO greeted the audience, gave some insightful opening remarks, and recognized the work of our outstanding outgoing Board Members, Brad Malo and Deb Cobb. After welcoming the incoming Board Members, (who have both been chairs in the past), Amy Carroll and Kathryn Earle, Latham staff began to recognize the award winners.

After the awards were given out, Deb Cobb and Katrina Fryklund thanked our Non-Denominational, Ecumenical partners (Am HaYam Cape Cod, Church of the Holy Spirit, First Parish Brewster Unitarian Universalist, Our Lady of the Cape, Unitarian Universalist Meeting House of Provincetown, Robin Rank, and Rev. Bill Coleman). Finally, the day ended with a Special Olympics update by Monique Williams, and performances by the Latham Players Adult Theater Troupe and the Latham Students. During a joint performance of, “We Are the World,” the Latham Players shook hands of many members of the audience, and there wasn’t a dry eye to be found.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Friday, June 23rd so successful – parents, Board Members, friends, staff, community members, business partners and residents alike.

Maura Smith, Director of Vocational Services, received the Roy T. Morgan Award for her incredible work over the past year:

“We are proud to present Maura Smith with the Roy T. Morgan Award for Adult Services. Since Maura started two years ago we have seen an immense improvement in the lives of our adult residents due to her innovative ideas, community connections and dedication to our mission.

Maura created an ICP, or Individual Career Plan, which caters to the needs of each of our adult residents. Asking questions about their passions, goals and skill-sets, she teaches our residents the skills necessary to work in local businesses at a competitive wage. She has nurtured relationships with community partners like Agway of Cape Cod, and initiated new relationships with partners like Old Navy.

Consider Brian, who is an adult resident now working at a local Airport. He has always been passionate about airplanes and flying, and with Maura’s help set attainable goals. He loves going to work, where he helps to coordinate the locations of all the planes at the airport, a necessary task as defined by homeland security. Brian knows that he is valued, and he is utilizing his interests to gain new skill sets.

Because of Maura and her team the majority of our adult residents have either paid vocational placements or participate in volunteer activities. She is always willing to take on new tasks, and is motivated to help our residents succeed. Thank you Maura, for your innovative ideas and incredible perseverance. Latham Centers is lucky to have you.”

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