“Fanfare For All” music program comes to Latham

As fall began on the Cape, the Latham Stars on Stage Club welcomed a special guest on campus. Kyle Spraker, Director of Community Outreach & Education with the Cape Conservatory, came to Latham School recently to preview a new program on trumpet education called “Fanfare For All”. Mr. Spraker, who is also the Principal Trumpet in the Cape Symphony, brought trumpets for each student and led them through an interactive introduction to the trumpet. Sarah jane Mason, Latham’s Instructor of Performing Arts and Wellness, said the students enjoyed the hands-on approach to learning and had anticipated the visit for weeks. “To prep for Kyle’s visit, we watched educational videos about the trumpet and how to make sounds with the trumpet with our mouths. But no video can ever replace the interactive, hands-on experience that Kyle Spraker brought to the students here in person. The students really enjoyed his presentation.”

Mr. Spraker also kept with the interactive theme, inviting students to sing along as he played a tune. As the ultimate compliment to the “Fanfare For All” program, the students of the Stars on Stage Club are already asking when they get to “play the trumpet with Mr. Kyle again.”

The Cape Conservatory and Symphony “helps keep the arts alive” by offering Cape Cod schools opportunities for outreach programs throughout the year. Through their programs, Latham participated in the Music Memory Concert and Competition in Spring 2018, attended the Young People’s Concert last November, and is already signed up to do both programs again in the 2018-2019 school year. The Cape Conservatory’s Educational Outreach Program is a valuable asset to Latham and other schools on the Cape. More information about the Cape Conservatory Educational Outreach programs is available here.

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