The Events of Superhero Field Day

On Friday, June 9th, campus was a-stir with students, staff, local heroes, and volunteers. Field Day is always exciting as students take part in a variety of themed games, coordinated by Monique Williams, Physical Education Instructor. Monique recently received the NATSAP Teacher of the Year Award, and this year’s Field Day exemplifies why Monique is so valued.

Our Superhero Field Day started at 11:30 am, with a delicious meal catered by Chef Paul and his team. Students and staff dined on pulled-pork sandwiches, gluten-free pasta salad, and watermelon. Then, at 12 pm, the games began! Stations included: Superman’s Kryptonite Clean-Up, Spidey’s Obstacle Course, Aquaman Takes a Break, Ironman’s Bean Bag Toss, Wonder Woman’s Test of Strength, Tattoos and Face Painting, and Captain America’s Shield Throw. All seven classrooms participated, and each dressed according to a different Superhero theme.

​After students finished the games, they watched favorite staffers participate in the obstacle course as a special treat! Finally, the afternoon ended with a coordinated group dance led by Monique, where all the students were jumping and jiving!

More to come tomorrow on some of the special visitors from Rogers and Gray and the Brewster Police Force.

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