Evening virtual activity sessions inspire peer-to-peer support


Virtual Learning continues at Latham, and our Children’s Program team shared highlights of recent online sessions including a fitness ‘bootcamp’:

During this unprecedented time, we’re all being creative in thinking about ways to support one another. Connecting and engaging through technology helps everyone feel that little sense of continuity, knowing that our friends are still out there, just a call away. While rain splashed against the windows, students and staff at Latham Centers continued to participate in virtual learning and activities (pictured above).

Thursday and Friday (April 2nd and 3rd) continued with traditional lessons such as science, current events, ELA, communication, and Newspaper Club. Physical education was taught through fun videos hosted by Monique Williams (Special Olympics Coach), and clinicians hosted mindfulness sessions that included a breakdown of the brain and why coping skills help us.

Last week, Latham staff began to incorporate afternoon and evening activities as well. What makes these sessions unique is the ability for Latham students at home to see friends who they miss here on campus. Through video, we see warm hello’s and excited greetings. Students ask questions with genuine concern about their friends during this challenging time, and say things like, “I miss you!” and “I can’t wait to see you again!”

On Wednesday, Dominic Monick, Residential Supervisor, held a Fitness Bootcamp. After setting up the video screens and settling in the Hawk’s Nest on campus, each student picked a number from a Jeopardy-style display on the wall, each of which hid a surprise exercise. Patrice Carroll, Director of PWS Services, ended the day with a virtual Story Time. Staff with kids at home, students on campus, students at home, and parents all ‘Zoomed in’ at 6 p.m. to wind down with a sweet short story. On Thursday, students (both at home and on-campus) participated in a poetry slam, also hosted by Dominic. Finally, Friday ended with a Story Time read by Brittni Kliment, Director of Program Marketing & Admissions.

Special thanks to Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach, for photographing and reporting on our Virtual Learning programming!

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