Employee Recognitions on Campus

Latham Centers’ staff work so hard day in and day out to create the life-changing programs for our children and adults with complex special needs. Not only do staff support our residents, but they also support one another. Below is a list of important recognitions for staff in November and December, as composed by one another.
Liz T – Thanks for being such an asset to the Ed Team – specifically thank you for your help with scheduling!
Monique – Thank you for all you do for our students for Special Olympics! We all know how many extra hours of your time you dedicate to it!
Amy A – You are amazing with your students and always help successfully navigate through any issues that may arise!
Anthony, Melissa, and Ben for all the work you do on a daily basis. Your patience, hard work, and dedication do not go unnoticed. 
Anthony McKenley for always staying calm no matter what the situation and for your willingness to assist and help others.
Thank you Madison M. for handling situations with professionalism and maintaining a positive attitude.
Thank you so much to Heather Antrim and Kalyn for your help with staffing on a particularly short day. You are both always willing to pitch in whenever we need it.
Amy Smith Thank you for your smile that greets us each night as you take over the shift and help with the bedtime routines.
Madison M Thanks for staying late on Sunday to help, you maintained a positive attitude and it was extremely appreciated!
Iesha- Thank you for working as much overtime as you do with a smile on your face! You are such a huge help, the residential shift misses you already!
Carlos- Thank you for picking up extra shifts and filling in as behavior specialist. You are very quick on your feet and adaptable to any environment!
Liz T- Thank you for helping out in residence and thinking outside of the box!
Danny- Thanks for a positive attitude while getting to know your students, you have made the transition to residence very smooth.
Jesse- Thank you for being so flexible and helping out as much as possible.
Ron G- Thanks for always having a great grasp on the Setucket students and working tirelessly with new staff each day.
Kalyn- Thanks for staying to help the residential shift on Sunday, you are always willing to be a team player!
Jackie- Thanks for your help on Monday in the Cabin.  You were determined to problem solve in creative ways and it was very helpful!
Krystal & Elyse– Thank you for being so flexible on a daily basis from swapping kids to sudden change in programming. You guys tackle it with ease!
I would like to recognize Holly. She is positive and upbeat.  I bow down to her awesomeness!
Deb for her consistent professionalism at student meetings. She always has so much to say about the students in her suite; you can tell she really knows the students’ plans and areas of need.
Jane, for being Jane: she always makes me laugh!
I want to recognize Diane Raymond for always being willing to help out in the drop of a hat! She has been so helpful on the residential shift and she is so appreciated!
Desiree and her relentless hard work despite being constantly short staffed. She is organized, level headed and a flat out Rock Star. Thank you for making it look so easy.
Heather Anderson thank you for coming in at the last second to help out overnight.
Dom for his wonderful work decorating the west wing! Great job making the Suite a home.
Dominic for working on making the West Wing “look” welcoming and inviting.
Rachel, Elyse, Krystal for their consistent work with the Simpkins girls. Thank you for consistent programming and setting the bar high for your students.
Gina for her calm demeanor during stressful situations. Staff have approached me expressing their gratitude for her hard work.
Katherine Richardson– She takes no nonsense and keeps that suite running beautifully.

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