Emily Hallock…… September Cape Codder of the Month!

Congratulations to Emily Hallock for being named September’s Cape Codder of the Month!!  Cape Country 104 takes nominations from their listening audience throughout the month to highlight people in our community who really make a difference.  Emily is a Registered Nurse and we’re so fortunate to have her as Latham Centers’ Medical Infection Prevention/Control Coordinator. Emily was chosen in September and announced on the radio last week and we, the entire Latham community, are so proud of her for this well-deserved honor.  Emily was able to further her nursing career during COVID….. Listen to the interview here.  Congratulations, Emily!  #LathamStrong!

Pictured: Emily Hallock, RN (right) with Kathleen vanEsselstyn are cherished employees at Latham. As part of our Infection Prevention/Control team, they have kept staff, students, and residents safe through education, communication, and weekly surveillance testing.

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