Easter was a weekend affair on the Latham Centers Campus

Students are enjoying the beautiful Cape Cod spring weather.

Last weekend, the students on campus participated in many fun and safe activities. Chris and the kitchen team put out a delicious Easter Menu, and both the educational and residential departments planned a busy schedule of activities.

During school on Friday, the students participated in themed afternoon club activities, which included a book ‘sale’ by Brogan, Basketball with Jeff, and a special ‘Thank You poster Art Project’ for Jenise (one of our excellent teachers and Boston Marathon Athlete).

On Sunday, the Easter Bunny dropped off one Easter basket per student and, as always, knew about the special PWS accommodations. The baskets had a heavy emphasis on fun and games, and included things like sunglasses, coloring books, face masks, sidewalk chalk, tattoos, and just a couple of pieces of single-wrapped candy. Throughout the day, all the suites participated in an Egg Relay Race, DodgeEgg(Ball), Egg Hunt, and an Easter Bean Bag Toss. The students looked forward to a delicious meal (menu pictured here).

Thank you, staff, for creating such a fabulous weekend for everyone on campus who celebrated Easter!

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